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www.meesqa.com is the professional website of Michael E. Ensminger. It is a collection of items related to software testing, software quality assurance, project management and other facets of software engineering. This site is more static in nature and contains papers, links and other materials. The companion blog, blog.meesqa.com, contains more dynamic content.

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October 4, 2015: Split out 2009 books from reading archive list.
October 3, 2015: Added references to 2015/10/03 blog post.
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September 12, 2015: Added Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People to recently read list.
September 6, 2015: Added The Ultimate Technical Manager Guide: Critical Elements to Make You a Rockstar Technical Manager to recently read list.
September 5, 2015: Added references to 2015/09/05 blog post.
July 23, 2015: Added Continuous Delivery Pipeline - Where Does It Choke?: Release Quality Products Frequently And Predictably (Volume 1) to recently read list.
July 22, 2015: Added You, UNLEASHED!: Building a Success Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles, and Living a Life That Matters to recently read list
June 22, 2015: Added references to 2015/06/22 blog post.

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